The Rodeo Ridge Road Story…

Rodeo Ridge Road

The RRCA is in the process of sorting out the ownership of the road with the MD of Rocky View (RVC) with the help of legal counsel, and also working with RVC to have the road plowed or sanded.

The RRCA believes that the road should ultimately be owned by RVC as per the development agreements registered on our titles, and as per the Central Springbank Area Structure Plan.

The Developer is no longer plowing or sanding the road.

More details for your reading pleasure are outlined below under “Rodeo Ridge Road Ownership” and “Snow Removal and Sanding”.

Updates will be provided as we work through these issues with RVC.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Rodeo Ridge Road Ownership

The Rodeo Ridge Condominium Association (RRCA) is in the process of sorting out the ownership of Rodeo Ridge road with the MD of Rocky View (RVC), with the help of our lawyer.

The road is presently owned by Embay Limited Partnership (the developer).

The position of the RRCA is that RVC should own the road when the development is finished, for the following reasons:

  • The Development Agreements registered on title of all lots in the Rodeo Ridge development contain specific provisions directing that upon completion of the work the Road will “become the property of the Municipality.” All owners would rely on this because it is registered on our titles.
  • RVC should maintain the Road to comply with the Central Springbank Area Structure Plan (ASP), a statutory plan that identifies the Rodeo Ridge Road as a “county/residential” road and not as a “private road”.
  • The Development Agreements are consistent with the ASP identifying the Rodeo Ridge Road being a “Country Residential” road, and consistent with the time frame of the creation of the Springbank ASP (October, 2001) and the signing of the second Development Agreement four months later (February, 2002). All documents at that time consistently identified Rodeo Ridge as “country/residential” and this appears to be by design.

If RVC owns the road, the RRCA reserve fund is overfunded, and alternatively if RRCA ends up owning the road the reserve fund is underfunded.  Final determination of who owns the road will have a material impact on annual condo fees for community members.

Snow Removal and Sanding

Under the development agreement with RVC, the Developer as owner of the road is responsible for snow removal and sanding.  The Developer has unfortunately decided to no longer fulfill this responsibility.  The RVC under the development agreement is able to step in and do the snow removal and sanding, and to recover the costs from the Developer on demand or by accessing the security dollars the RVC presently holds.

The RVC has to balance the potential liability of plowing a road that does not (yet) belong to them, while addressing safety risks and related liabilities in the event there is an accident or someone is injured.  RVC does inspect Rodeo Ridge road after every measurable snow fall to assess the safety risks and liabilities, and decide when to plow or sand the road.